Tai-Chi in Algeria

Tai-chi chuan is a martial arts creates by the dynasty of Qing (1644-1911) .it 's known in the world  b Master Yang Cheng Fu ,68 years old still continues  to practise and to initiate the followers of this sport in Taiwan. This martial arts is a spiritual sport, a kind of perfect gymnastics to strengthen the health of the old people ... its harmonious movements and slow, makes discover as a pro splitter has his followers their bodies, all in their resolving the tensions related to the stress of the everyday life. Like summarized it well one of its followers in ALGERIA SIDALI LOUANI in fact: the tai-chi chuan is a remedy of the modern life Mister Louani works  besides like a devil to make known this sport in Algeria and to push the maximum of people to practise it .in RC HYDRA Club or it exerts, the function of trainer of kung fu wushu and  tries to develop this new martial arts for the Algerians but who counts thousands of followers has through the world. It is a mission which be reserved for him by large the Chinese Masters in his international membership of tai-chi chuan

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