Star of the cinema of action in China, the Gabonese Luc Bendza is a Master of wushu. Working for a company of production of Peijing, it came to Paris to research from French partnerships. Installed in China for 20 years, it has been also representing international Federation of martial arts and wishes to promote its discipline in forecast of the Olympic Games of 2008. Master in martial arts, the Gabonese Luc Bendza lives since more than 20 years in China. Actor and stuntman with Beijing (Peijing), he is also a director of combat (choreography of the engagements). Adviser technical for the international Federation of martial arts, it works for the promotion of its discipline, the wushu, so that it becomes an Olympic sport. Representative of a large company of Chinese production, Djingo Film, it is in Paris to tie partnerships with the 7th French art. He explains to Afrik Asian specificities of the cinema and the culture.

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