History of Wushu in Algeria

1/Kung-Fu-Wushu was introduced in Algeria by Sifu Djamel Amrane in 1983  ,and he created  the National Association of Shaolin kung Fu Wushu in in 1988 offering to the young people all his experiment and encouraged with the practice of this martial and ancestral discipline. The Algerian Federation of Kung Fu Wushu was creates in 1990. After the creation of the International  Wushu Sifu  Djamel Amrane was  member of this Federation (responsable  for the African continent )
The First Algeria championship happened in December 1991 in Harcha The Directory of the Algerian Federation of Kung Fu Wushu was creates in 2001 Currently Kung Fu Wushu is represented by a National committee within the Algerian Federation of the Martial arts since 2001.
there is the names of  president of federation :
-First President :Sifu Djamel Amrane -The second :Tasmelal Mohamed- The third: President:Djilali Djebbar - The fourth:President :Benddine Abdelkader -The fifth President :Tasmelal Mohamed -and the last President :GUIRI Ali 
Kung Fu Wushu is represented through:37 Wilayas With 50 000 athletes  
2/Formation of the International Wushu Federation  :

During the wushu competition (of the 11th Asian Games, the International Wushu Federation was officially formed on October 3, 1990. The inaugural meeting of the IWUF was attended by representatives of wushu organizations from more than 30 countries and regions. Wushu organizations of 38 countries and regions were admitted at the meeting as IWUF members, and an 8 member Executive Committee was elected : 

President :

Mr.Li Meng-hua  (China) 

Vice-Presidents :Mr.Lim Keng Yaik (Malaysia) ; Mr. Raymond Smith (UK)    Secretary General :Mr Zhang Quande (China) 

Executive Members :Mr.Lee Khoon Choy (Singapore);Mr. Nick Gracenin (USA) ; Mr.Giuseppe Falconi (Italy) 

    Mr. Amrane Djamel (Algeria)

The inauguration of the IWUF is a milestone of the formation of a united family in the wushu community over the world, promising wushu will be promoted to the world in an organized and planned way.

Wushu, which is an ancient sport and traditional culture originated in China, is being spread to every corner of the world, being loved and cared by people of various nationalities and social status, and is making new contributions to world peace and human health.

Work of the Arab union of wushu which proceeded FROM  28 June TO  30 1995 in Cairo led to the official birth of this regional authority in the presence of six countries removes EGYPT, ALGERIE, MOROCCO, LYBIE, LEBANON, PALESTINE. the first working day took place with the splendid hotel Mena House, each country represented by its president .in the same evening, document project of statues was presented at the assistance by the president of the Egyptian federation which animated unquestionable the  debates besides numbers remarks were made the strong point  of the debates was centered on the financial aspect and the mode of election of executive comitee  .Considering the richness of the debates the Chairman proposed to return the following day with other proposals considering certain countries regretted not having been able to consult preparatory project of the statues well before this day The second day was most important considering the number of points on the agenda:adoption of the statues and election of executive committee. The president of Arab  Mr Samir Foued; with the first vice presidency the Algerian Djamel Amrane; second  vice president Libyen Bachir El Ardaoui the second day finished late. The following day were programmed the installation of the commissions and a conference press With regard to the commissions four of them was installed that of the arbitration is chaired by Algeria .also  it acted of the technical commission, of the competitions and that of the international relations and information our  country proposed a representative for each commission..le Wushu is a discipline in full activity all over the world Arab andAfrican country should not escape from it. With the agreement in principle of our leader of the sport, the creation of the African confederation could not delay..... Posted in the morning July 9, 1995

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