1/ posted in the News paper ( NEW REPUBLIC) :
Zemmal Nacerdine (champion of Algeria of kung-fu-wushu)
 (To make a success of the championship of Africa)
 After a first participation in the championship of the world of kung-fu-wushu (sanda) in Vietnam in December 2005, made profitable by the Algerian selection of the discipline to gain experiment, the occasion of the dedication was not missed with the Maghrebian championship held in Libya (from the 16 to September 19) where Algeria allocated the first place in gained gold medals. Zemmal Nacerdine is among the athletes having contributed to the sacring of the Algerian elite. 28 years old, this athlete of 80 kg engraved the levels of this sport very little spread, for lack of means,  with the key several titles of champion of Algeria under the colors of the ASSN, a formation in which it gained the statute of trainer. For the future,we will take part in the championship of Africa of the nations of 2006  where we will do what is necessary to honour the country with positive results. We also have in line of sight the Arab  plays of 2007 envisaged in Egypt from which that will be the first for the kung-fu-wushu which becomes a discipline recognized in this games . It is a news which encourages us. I hope that the Algerian selection can carry out performances in order to go to take share with the world cahmpioship in PEKIN 2007 without complex. ,and also we will be able to take part in the Olympic Games of 2008, but as a sport of demonstration only ', declared us Zemmal. This last, international since 1998, makes a point of thanking all the trainers with whom it worked. 'Frankly they all helped me', has it says before adding that 'since 1998, one took part only in one international tournament up to 2005 with the FAAM. Now, us them athletes, we wish that the organization and the participation in these tournaments become a tradition because it is the only means to develop this sport '. 08-10-2006 A.Y.
2 /Posted in the Newspaper (LIBERTE ):
 Algeria gains six gold medals in  Paris
 The national team of kung fu wushu gained six medals including three of gold and two of silver to the 5 th international tournament of shuai - jiao which was held in  France (January the 13 and 14 the last). The three gold medals were taken down by HOCINE ROUIBAT (-55KG)SALIHA SI  KADOUR (-57) KG AND NAZIHA CHERIFI (-52 KG) as for the 2 silver distinctions go to  SID AHMED BICHAREF (-107 KG) AND ABDELKRIM ROUIBAT(-66 KG) . ABDELHAFID DJEAMI, was satisfied for its part, of a bronze medaille The trophy of the fair play returned to Algerian fighter NAZIHA CHERIFI .                                                14-01-2001
3/Posted  in newspaper (EL WATAN ):
KUNG FU Djamel Amrane is illustrated in China
The Algerian Djamel Amrane was classified 4 rank in the international tournament of ghergzhou Shaolin Wushu which was held in last September in the province of Hénan with the participation of 300 combatants of 37 countries. Master Djamel Amrane illustrated himself in  Taiji and Shaolin quan by being classified 4th and 5th . He  respectively also gained the cups of best  presentations of martial arts, in particular with Dashu ,  nunchaku and range of steel  of this tournament, Djamel accomplished a stay among disciples of shaolin punctuated by training with them . The  prepares to make exhibitions in   the Olympic Games of  2000 for which China is candidate indicated DJAMEL AMRANE. To the end of this tournament, Amrane  is returned in  Singapore and  assists in  the meeting of the executive committee of the international federation wushu as a representative of the African continent. 25-10-1992
Kung Fu wushu 
 Bronze medal for Selaoui   :
Algerian Sanda fighter  Selaoui Khaled   has just taken down a bronze medal to the d championship of the world of wushu in Rome in Italy from the 3 to November 8 1997, Khaled passed three turns  ,he win by K.O a Sweden (the fastest KO of the world tournaments),in  second, he gains its fight against Bielorussien by points. The third one  is  the kasakhistanien  by points. Whereas everyone waited Algerian fighter  in final match  but he was stopped by  the Chinese fighter , according to Algerian  national trainer  Tsouri Mohammed, The meeting was extremely disputed  was necessary a little to  makes a success Selaoui  and  beat the world chmapion in -70kg  .Selaoui Khaled  gained a medal of boronze  in world cup 1995 .Selaoui one of the rare Algerians who  illustrated on this level, began the kung fu, there are tens of years, under the direction of Rachid Boubred he  was three times champion of  Algeria ,Khaled Selaoui, 23 years old , is black belt of judo, taken down under the colors of judo  school  harrach Algiers .
Posted in news paper (EL MOUDJAHID)
As it holds has to specify it itself everyone not being ungrateful (if I left has LOS-ANGELES to take part in it in the 2 nd championships of the world i thank  M.Cherif Rahmani minister and  his structures concerned the DSP and under direction of the national team ). Djamel Amrane left all alone to the United States without the troop guides whom one sees in certain disciplines. Djamel Amrane could take part in the championships of the world organized by the IFK whose two honorary presidents are not other than Gorges Bush and Corazan Aquino president of the Philippines! this to say to you that the IFK they is serious and not fake as some could believe it.... Djamel Amrane did not return empty hand  of the United States brought back in its luggage a gold medal in Shaolin Chuan,  3rd place Dao shu ,a diploma which classifies it among the best world experts of kung fu , a certificate of success has the examination of judge and international referee and finally the rank of 7 duan (is 27 years old PLEASE!) who confirms it as international expert. You want initiate with the kung fu? does a club exist in Beb- El - Oued Djamel AMRANE gives to it assisted courses of MOHAMED TSOURI, LYES MEZOUGAN, OMAR BOUBRED? AMAR BOURAIB? SLIMANE DJILANIE and KAMEL AMDOUN.
KUNG FU a sport which makes fury in Algeria  
Traditional garlands of Asia. Many competitions are programmed regularly for the evaluation of the technical level of the athletes... The framing of L ASKF of Beb El Oued formed of the sour values of the kung fu in  Algeria will quote: GHOZLANE RABIA - AKSOUH MEHDI - BIBI MOHAMMED REDA - OUHACHI MOUNIR - HARROUCHE FAYCAL - CHAHIR ABDELLAH fourth with the championship of the USA in 1995 and 5 rank in the championship of the world in Italy 2007  OURARI RABAH - CHAOUECHE YOUCEF -AMMOURI HOCINE- MIZOUGHENE LYES - CHERIFI NAZIHA - IF KADDOUR SALIHA - BOUZIDAOUI HAYAT- ZOUIECHE MOHAMMED - KEBBACHE FATAH KHATTAF KAMEL - BEN DJEDDI ABDELLAH ..and instar other disciplines,le kung fu does not escape, him either with the law of mediocrity which reigns as an absolute Master on the national sporting movement. In all the cases, the followers of kung fu make of their to better inculcate has youth their knowledge - to make and contribute by same A its blooming........


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